young Nigerian boxer, Oyakojo Muyideen Ojo
young Nigerian boxer, Oyakojo Muyideen Ojo

Nigerian registered sports and entertainment company, Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, has announced her willingness to be a sponsor to a young Nigerian boxer, Oyakojo Muyideen Ojo, to San Antonio, Texas, United States of America after the eradication of COVID-19 to fulfil his international contracts.

In a recent interview, Oyakojo Muyideen Ojo, shared insights into what triggered his love not just for boxing alone but other sports

Read excerpts below;

What inspired you into boxing?

Retirement of my daddy as a boxer, is what inspired me back to boxing to achieve what my daddy didn’t achieve in boxing. Retirement of my daddy as a boxer, is what inspired me back to boxing to achieve what my daddy didn’t achieved in boxing career.

Did you have another means of surviving?

Yes. I am into fashion designing and also engaged myself in other trading in Nigeria.

How long have you been into to this kind of sporting?

I have been into boxing since when I was 3years old.

Which other sporting activities are you also engaged into?

I play football, table tennis, Cyclic, kick boxing and judo.

What makes you different to other mate boxers?

My boxing pattern makes me different, due to the way i was trained by my daddy and my coach, and the team that I belong to shows me the potential pattern that I don’t see in myself, ‘Team Ogun’.

How many places of recognition have you fight?

Have been to many states in Nigeria, some countries in African down to Europe.

What is your strength?

Almighty ALLAH is My strength, and is full of positive, also appreciate my Sponsor, Mr Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, the MD/CEO, Bullion Go-Neat Global Ltd. For the beleived he had and bringing out the potential in me.

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My mental physical strength as a boxer’s that is ready to face crowd of the world. Due to my potential, I will put together an impressive career that would made me one of the most exciting boxers to watch throughout the world.

To achieve my dream in boxing had gotten off to a tremendous start with my career that people saw me generate plenty of buzz due to my plan to change my knuckle to  magic style with quick knockout power that would made light work of my first several opponents, as i would deploy a tactic to get into approach to always aggressive, intending to knock out my opponent quickly. But it proved to be quite useful throughout my career that moved to be an undefeated record with my knockout power could quickly change things.

What is your opportunity for advancement?

I will be going to the United State of America on a signing contract agreement with a Team called Hit Squad, it is a registered company in 401 san Antonio Texas.”

What are the challenges you face?

It is normal to face challenges but none is above God, although I suppose to be in United State of America, now for my professional boxing career but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic has really made it a challenge as I believe Nigeria my great country has made it easy for me when Almighty Allah is in control of everything.