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CEO PorkMoney, Mr. Folorunso Muyiwa, has decided to bring his skills in entrepreneurship which has spanned over decades into the Agricultural sector of Nigeria.

Folorunso has gotten a good reputation for himself and coming into the Agricultural sector of Nigeria, is a plan which he believes will help position Nigeria and Africa in the world map when it comes to food production.

Agriculture is broad but Folorunso chose to go into Pig business which is one sector that has not been given strong attention as he is bent on ensuring that the sector is well appreciated.

According to him, “I have been “prenuering” for close to a decade and I have decided that it’s best not to live in the shadows. Living in the shadows as an entrepreneur is what a lot of Africans do, we are scared to share our successes for fear of competition and worse off for fear of failure. I have had my fair share of failure, I would like to imagine I have been failing forward all these years. My current business focus is AGRICULTURE and its profitability on an appreciable scale and I am going to use this page to detail the journey of my team and I to being the biggest players in agricultural entrepreneurship on the continent.”

With just about two months into delving into the Pig farm business which he shuttles’ between Nigeria and Ghana, he has gotten over 200 people who have signed up to become partners.

“More than 200 people have signed up to become a @porkmoney partner. Super happy to already be making such progress in less than a week of opening our doors. Our goal to become the largest Pig farm collective in West Africa is fast materialising. Our agricultural model is the future of agricultural entrepreneurship on the continent and the overwhelmingly positive response makes our goal of owning the largest Pig Farm Collective not only achievable but seemingly achievable within a year. The employment and entrepreneurial opportunities this provides is immense and to start to talk about it would be a little premature, so I would keep quiet on that for now. We have a lot of work to do. Thank you all for your continued support,” he added.

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