We Must Get Sense by Force in Nigeria- Dr Nkemdi Mordi Kenneth
We Must Get Sense by Force in Nigeria- Dr Nkemdi Mordi Kenneth

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic which has been ravaging the world, it has left many world leaders planning and strategizing on various ways forward to salvage the situation.

Nigeria is not left out in the pandemic as various states continue to record new cases which has left the government looking for various means towards managing the spread of the virus.

Well, as we have it, various state governments have started building isolation centres and spending millions into the country’s health sector which has been neglected for years and this development has left many tongues wagging with various questions following the present situation of things in the country.

According to Dr Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth “Borno State builds an ultra-modern isolation centre with world equipment within 5 days. Congratulations

“Plateau State Government builds an ultra-modern isolation centre within 8 days. Kudos

“Other States gearing up with similar projects to be concluded within 10 days.

“So these are possible right? So, you can actually develop ultra-modern facilities and prepare good pay packages for the health workers within days? So, it is possible to have the best hospitals in the world located in Nigeria? Wonders shall never end.

“Miyetti Allah has asked their members to return to the bush with their cattles. I thought RUGA was the only way out. Chai. God thank you oooo

“You can see that we have been hoodwinked by our leaders for over 40 years!!! I never knew these are possible!!

“King Coronavirus has finally reset our brains. Gradually we are getting sense by fire by force. God thank you oooo

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The next sense we shall get are as follows:

Sense 1, Proper restructuring the country

Sense 2, approval of state police

Sense 3, Upgrade the Universities and equip them massively with modern technologies

Sense 4, pay teachers massively and heavily

Sense 5, pay doctors and nurses and health workers and pharmacists heavily to prevent

brain drain Sense, make our hospitals and teaching hospitals and general hospitals to be competitive with the best in the world

The next koboko that will flog us all will reset their brains into doing the following:

Koboko 1, stop salaries of former governors. Let them depend on their pension. They are draining our purse.

Koboko 2, you cannot be a former governor and now a senator and still enjoy the salaries of your former position together with the salary as a senator

Koboko 3, stop inflating government contracts so that we will have enough resources to carter for infrastructure and the masses needs.

Koboko 4; Scrap Nigeria Police force. They are presently Road dues collectors agency

Koboko 5, foreign trips for government officials even for private reasons should be banned. their salaries cannot sustain it

Koboko 6, make government appointment and salaries very unattractive

Koboko 7, dismantle the no of senators and house of reps. In fact we do not need two layers of law makers

Koboko 8, merge ministries and some parastatals

Koboko 9, eliminate double taxation. Do everything that will reduce unnecessary appointments and creation of government departments

Koboko 10, flog them very well until they stop being wasteful and design methods of reducing overhead costs.

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Koboko 11; Scratch the obnoxious quotas system in the country.

Thank you King Coro. We are now living in Nigeria. We must have sense by force.

Pray for Nigeria!


Written By Dr Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth(NMDI)