Union Bank, MD, Emeka Emuwa, #financialliteracyday

Recently, the world Nigeria joined some other parts of the world to celebrate the Financial Literacy day and one of the country’s strongest bank, Union bank decided to educate the youths.

The bank took its train to the African Church Grammar School, Abeokuta, where the MD, Emeka Emuwa, taught a class on financial literacy.

Union bank stated that the idea has been a yearly affair as they try to ensure that they educate the youths to enable them have a strong mind of savings to help them as they grow up.

The student also got to experience virtual reality and see how simpler and smarter the bank branches looks like.

They did not leave the school without giving out some freebies to the students just to make the day worthwhile with hope of greater tomorrow.

According to the bank, “Every year, we visit schools across the country to teach students the skills that will allow them make informed decisions with their financial resources. We’re passionate about making an impact in the next generation, and we’re particularly excited about the superstars at African Church Grammar School, Abeokuta.”



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