Yewande Kazeem, founder of Wandieville Media
Yewande Kazeem, founder of Wandieville Media

The outbreak of COVID-19 has pushed Nigeria to look deep into producing and consuming its own produce and one of such is in the Agricultural sector. The Agric sector has recorded tremendous growth with the youths playing a major role in and one of such fellows is Yewande Kazeem, who is the founder of Wandieville Media, a communication and educative media company, that provides a positive impact on global development issues through campaigns, powerful visual and captivating stories.

Yewande is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and has worked closely with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN-NIRSAL), the Bank of Industry, the World Bank and the International Finance Cooperation. Yewande has worked with Dangote Farms –Dansa Holdings on different projects. She managed the Tomato Processing Facility Project in Kano State, Pineapple Farm, Concentrate Factory in Oban, Cross River State, etc, working with out-growers and focusing on extension services.

She is passionate about impacting smallholder farmers, women farmers and school planting programs as well as supporting the research and technology that will be needed to feed nine billion people by 2050.

In a recent interview with AgribusinessCentre monitored by, Yewande pointed out some of the challenge’s farmers go through especially information.

Read excerpts below;

The COVID19 crisis has afforded us time to look deep into what’s making it difficult for agro-entrepreneurs to manage their business risks. Information is on the table today. What is information and what does it do for business owners?

Information is critical for the survival of any business. With information and data, it enables your business know where your demand is, what to double up on, eliminate, knowledge to scale and other opportunities


In your experience, having worked with the private sector, engaged the public sector, including international organizations and smallholder farmers, what are the kinds of information required by agro-preneurs to function profitably?

Unfortunately, there’s no reliable hub or platform for information. Everyone in the sector seem to work in silos. For agropreneurs, we need information on trainings such as …extension service, market opportunities, finance, managing a business and marketing your products

What’s the level of efficiency and sufficiency of the information exchange in the sector currently, and what impact has been made or is being made to enhance productivity and profitability?

Luckily for us, fake news is not a big trend in this sector. Information is usually reliable and what other stakeholders have experienced. In terms of impact being made generally in the sector, they are solutions to some of the challenges we face.

There’s information availability and accessibility. How would you evaluate these two with respect to the quality of engagement between agro-entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the #agribusiness value chain?

Unfortunately, information isn’t available. Agripreneurs need to go seek the information needed from different platforms and groups. For accessibility the best way to start is through association based on crops or via Wandieville platform.

A lot of other sectors provide goods/services to agro-entrepreneurs in #Nigeria. What are the major impediments that hinder agropreneurs from obtaining useful information to make critical business decisions? If not dealt with, what’s the worst case scenario?

Major impediments are not having access to information and doing research. I believe it’s also the responsibility of an Agripreneur to do as much research as possible before starting a business or making critical decisions.

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Where do we go from here? Are there any groups, institutions, portals, etc, that gather information that is accessible to agro-entrepreneurs? Tell us about Wandieville Media. How can agro-entrepreneurs get the full benefits of your work at Wandieville Media?

We all need to do better, share information and work together. At Wandieville Media, we are constantly sharing stories about Agripreneurs and other stakeholders.We are passionate about African Agribusinesses and its opportunities. Subscribe to all our platforms to learn more.

What are the causes of the information and communication gaps/loop holes between agro-entrepreneurs and other players in the #agriculture value chain? How can these gaps be filled and holes blocked? How can we achieve a win-win situation for our economy’s sake?

I hate to bring this up again but it’s because everyone works in silos. To achieve a win win situation, we need to share more information, talk about challenges, wins but most importantly create an information hub and do better in collecting data.

Today, we hear about Big Data and global statistics. How can the agro-entrepreneur in #Nigeria tap into these developments to enhance the productivity of their business and help them to manage their business risks?

With these data and statistics, it’s best for Agripreneurs to be aware of market trends, possible opportunities but most importantly research and see if their business can pivot to meet the demands or eliminate foreseen risk.

We are also concerned about the suitability of information among #agribusiness stakeholders. How would you assess the mode and medium, input and output, of information exchange and the impact on the business of #agriculture in Nigeria?

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The mode is usually via traditionally media, online groups by different stakeholders and having conversations like this. However, it’s been helpful and we are more aware of what’s going on in the sector.