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Archbishop Charles Palmer Buckle

Ghanaian Archbishop Charles Palmer Buckle, seems to have spoken the mind of some people when it comes to spending too much money on burials and go back home hungry.

The Archbishop was speaking recently at a gathering of top personalities in Ghana, where he admonished people to try to bury their loved ones within the space of one to two weeks instead of keeping them long in the morgue.

He stressed that spending so much money on burial is a waste of time, money and resources as he begged people involved to take note.

According to the Archbishop, “Please let us all do well to bury out loved ones within one to two weeks of their death. Lying long in the mortuary that cold is not very pleasant for any soul that wants to be off to go to God. I believe we are wasting too much time, we are wasting too much money and we are wasting too much resources on burials and funerals in Ghana and I hope I will be permitted by our dear President and you our traditional leaders.”

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