Stop Giving Marriage Bad Name...Singer, Timi Dakolo

Stop Giving Marriage Bad Name...Singer, Timi Dakolo

Not everybody likes talking about hard issues like failed marriages which has grown fast into the Nigerian system as each day one wakes up to sad news of failed union and singer, Timi Dakolo, is not happy with these trend.

The singer recently sharing his thought on the issue of failed marriage wondered why people get married at the first place when they know they are not ready.

Timi stressed that when a marriage fails, the couples involved should be blamed and not the institution itself as this goes to create a bad name for the idea of marriage itself.

He pointed out that part of the reasons why some marriages don’t last is because of the impatient generations we have turned ourselves into.

In his words, “The Way People Are Making Divorce Look Like Something Kool.  Like Your Marriage Vow Means Nothing. It Makes Me Wonder What They Thought For Better For Worse Meant. If You Weren’t Sure. Why Did U Go Ahead? Don’t Give Love A Bad Name. You Guys Are The Problem Not That Marriage Is Bad. This Shallow and Impatience Generation. Fix Yourself. Marriage Is For Two Complete Adults. Don’t Enter Into It With Your Incomplete Self… Marriage Will Not Make An Incomplete Person Complete… You Should Come Into It Prepared And Complete. But What Do I Know?, Am I Not Just A Musician?”

Well, he might be right by saying that our generation today is impatient because everyone wants things to be ready mad and no one is ready to suffer with anybody compared to our parents time who stood by each other to be able to put food on the table even when there was no technology advancement the way it has turned out today.

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