Olufemi Ajadi
Olufemi Ajadi
  • Philanthropist, and Youth Presidential Aspirant for 2023, a person of Mr Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, on Friday reacted to the viral news that spreads over the World, about Coronavirus, generally know as COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Presently Organisations, Government parrastatal and Citizens across the globe are facing this brutal challenges .

Ajadi, is known as Entrepreneur and Journalist, on his social media ‘Facebook’, he joined the Clergymen of the world and declared prophetic declaration on Nigeria and its citizens.

He said in his speech that the Virus Corona had caused many damages to many Countries development that can not be fixed back in the next ten years.

He added that with this issue facing the world, he’s in unhappy mood during all this period of times. He revealed the reason why he was not happy with his hurrible looks, when he was addressing journalists in his residential villa, said he felt on unhappy during COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Brandafriq realised how Ajadi in hairy strange looks of bears in a sad face in the course of millions that were going through tough times.

According to his statement “I am not happy during all this COVID-19 PANDEMIC with the way nigerians are suffering for food, that is why I am doing all my best to provide little I can for my fellow Citizens, this has really discouraging, changed mentality of my meditation because I always love providing for the need of citizens, which I am much believe that to whom much given, much is expected, he said.

He suggested how Nigerians can curb the COVID-19 pandemic for everyone can go back to their means of daily bread.

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Revealed he lost count of how many numbers of people knocked at his door for how they can survive on a daily basis, he said.

Call government to look into the area of those that cannot provide themselves daily food without going out, like drivers and various artisans.

He said, if federal government can borrow an idea that citizens should be properly covered always by putting on their long sleeve dress, wearing of nose guild, hand gloves, and also mandate for everyone to avoid hugging, hands shaking or too closeness in the commercial buses and distance to one and other.

Said, with these Ideas, Nigeria can regain her economy, if everyone returns back to their individual place of work, he said.