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Comedian, Ali Baba

Veteran comedian cum actor, Ali Baba, has been married for several years and he is at liberty to advise couples especially the young ones on what marriage entails.

Ali Baba while replying to a fan’s on whether a “Christian marrying a Muslim can cause unhappiness,” he stated that the marriage between a Christian and a Muslims tends to even last longer than the ones in same religion.

He stressed that religion does not guarantee good marriage but a whole of things about the people involved is what gives the home the needed happiness.

“There are Muslims married to Christians and they are still married 30years after. They go and attend their different religious affiliations. But there are pastors married to Christians and it did not last. Even Pastor and Pastor Mrs break up. It’s not religion that keeps the marriage together, it’s the couple’s maturity, tolerance and personalities (character, upbringing, education, exposure and who they have become with mix of all that),” he stated.

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