Prince Odi Okojie, Mercy Johnson, Nollywood, Endorsement deal, Mr Chef

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has indeed proven to her hubby that she is truly a wife material as she is not just good at acting alone but also at home.

One of the best ways the actress has used in holding the heart of her hubby as been through cooking as Prince Okojie now finds it hard to enjoy the meal being cooked outside.

Prince Okojie for some time now has not hidden how he feels eating eating his wife’s meal that his public declaration has also helped in earning the actress an endorsement deal with seasoning brand Mr Chef.

The actress hubby on seeing his wife signing the contract paper could not hide his joy as he promise to support her all the way because she truly deserves it.

Celebrating his wife, he wrote, “My wife always loved to cook and add a twist to everything….a great cook she is. Now, she’s the “Brand Ambassador of Mr Chef” I am Behind you 100%….Love you inexplicably.”

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