Multichoice Nigeria

Multichoice Nigeria

Multichoice Nigeria, owners of the Digital Satellite for Television, DSTV, recently explained the meaning of the concept, pay-per-view, (PPV).

PPV according to the company is a cable or satellite television system which consumers pay an additional fee to watch a particular programme.

Head of Public Relations of the company, Caroline Oghuma, made the clarification at a press briefing in Lagos, tagged, True Meaning/WWE, Value 111, Upcoming content, said it is a concept allowed in pay TV operation, but it is different from pay-as-you-go which has been misinterpreted to mean pay-per–view.

She said, “Pay TV operation is not like the telecommunication industry where consumers pay as he goes, it is not like telecoms where you pay for the amount of airtime you want to use.”

Oghuma further stated that the concept is attainable only when there is a super programme, exclusively for customers who wants to watch a particular programme, and in the case of Multichoice customers, those on the premium bouquet will watch it.

She added that when such programme is beamed, a dedicated channel pops up and disappears after the programme is aired.

Oghuma noted that everywhere in the world, even in the US, they pay to view special programmes or events.

“Paying for PPV in Europe and UK is equivalent to paying for two months subscription in Nigeria. We know Africans love boxing that is why we are bringing the best thing that is happening in the world to Africa.

She said that at every point in time the company tries to add value to the customers’ viewership without increasing subscription as much as possible for everybody that subscribes to the DSTV franchise, that this is what they do to help their customers enjoy their subscription.

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