fearless gaming tournament

Video gaming in Nigeria has taken a new turn, in the last decade, compared to the early 90’s where the majority of Nigerian parents actually chastised their wards from anything gaming considering it a total waste of time. Today, in Nigeria, gaming has opened new doors of opportunity that majority of Nigerians are only recently aware of.

At the Benin tournament, one of the popular gamers commented, ‘Fearless Gaming Tournament is a good thing that has happened in Nigeria especially for gamers. Video gaming is an unexplored industry that gives room for computer programmers, storytellers and digital artists to find their purpose in creating a Nigerian oriented product, gaming should be encouraged because developed countries have made billions out of this industry’.

Rite Foods Limited understands the potential and growth of gaming in Nigeria and has therefore committed itself to supporting this growing entertaining sector.

The Fearless Gaming Tournament which kicked off in July with the Ibadan Qualifiers has gradually built its momentum from one city to another, with the Benin Qualifiers hosting over 250 gamers at the Pent House Event center, opposite University of Benin. The winner of the FIFA tournament in Benin journeyed from Calabar to contest with the big players of Benin to emerge victorious in Benin.

The list of competitors for the Grand Finale continues to grow. The following are the latest gamers that have qualified to compete for the cash prize: Benin Qualifiers For PES; Atsegbede Denas, Ossy Ekpe Tasamu, Akpomejero Votu. Benin Qualifiers For FIFA; Anthony Zamani, Agino Ekugbene, Asha Cypran.

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So if you are a gamer at heart and you are reading this, do not be left out and do not miss your chance to compete in Fearless Gaming Tournament. Time to cash on what you know you are deeply passionate about!