People living with disability have called on the government to enact laws that will give persons living with disability the exclusive right to have a permanent seat both in the state and Federal Assembles.

This call was made at the brunch get together for persons living with disability by across all initiative mental health and stigma eradication in Lagos.

Speaking at the event was one of the guest speaker, Mr. Dunmbari Geresuu, who lamented on the total exclusion of people living with disability in the society and in political arena.

He further appealed to the government to place premium attention on persons living with disability as having them in government will bring about a sense of belonging and inclusion.

In addition, having representative in government will apparently give voice to them and favorable laws will be passed in their favour hopefully.

Also, Mr. Peter Ekimi, a representative from center for citizens with disability, enlighten the gathering on permanent voters card, election process and how persons with disability could actively participate come 2019 general election. He called on INEC to make the polling unit accessible for persons living with disability for them to fulfil their constitutional right to vote.

Meanwhile, the organizer of the brunch get together for person living with disability, Mr. Seun Dosunmu, who went further to explain the significance of the event and across all initiative mental health and stigma eradication said, ‘‘the initiative advocate for the well-being economic empowerment and full inclusion of persons with disability in Nigeria so one of our signature events is the brunch get together’’

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He added that ‘‘we realize that many events and conference do not consider the engagement of person with disability however that leads to the social exclusion thus, we thought it is necessary to organize a focused event for them that this get together enlighten on health we discussed mental illness, promoting health among people living with disability we would also be doing entrepreneurship just to open their eyes to sector they can key into.”

In attendance were representative from ministry of Health Lagos State, Dr. Ajomole, Chairman Lagos state Association of the Deaf, Mr. Lukman Agbabiaka, Secretary the Albino, Grace Adeosun, public relations officer , Lagos state office of disability Affairs, Mr. Adebowale Ademiluyi.