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Miss. Oyinlola Odiye has come out to reply the Save Lagos Group, a Civil Rights Organization, which made a libelous publication stating that she defrauded her suppliers in the course of doing business.

Odiye claims to have been defamed as she denies defrauding her suppliers. In the first place, she has attacked the legality of the clandestine occultic group of criminals which calls itself the Save Lagos Group. The group is not a registered organization, but, rather a conglomerate of faceless thugs who have come together to defame her.

According to her, she went into a business transaction only with a certain Mr. Rufus Olaleke and Mrs. Deborah Yemi-Wilson with whom, she had been doing business with, in good faith, for the past three years and has never defaulted. However, in the course of trying to settle the issue, Rufus brought in Comrade Omotosho Ishola and Bola Oriola and claimed that they are owners of the product, of which Bola Oriola was selected to represent the group. This is evident in an agreement signed by all parties.

It is important to note that as much as Rufus Olaleke has the capacity to deliver, he is actually a gateman at the Lagos State Public Works Corporation, and Miss Odiye had only gone into business with him in a bid to assist him, as he had always come to her for help.

She brought to the fore, that the sum of N34 million, being bandied around as the amount she defrauded them of, was actually the supposed payment for the supply of Bitumen and Diesel. It should be made clear here that Miss Odiye has paid a total of N22 million and was making moves to pay up the rest, before they went ahead to start destroying her business, spoiling her name and making it extremely difficult for her to conduct her business.
She has spoken up angrily voicing that it is indeed a maliciously desperate move to have gone on to defame her and label the issue a criminal case, and even claiming to have dragged her before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

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According to her, the EFCC has never contacted her or invited her to any hearing. However, she is very ready to honour any invitation from the EFCC, as all the parties involved have her phone number and the EFCC can reach her if they want. This is just a ploy being used by these criminals to bring an organization as reputable as the EFCC into a matter it has no business with. It is audible to the blind and visible to the deaf, that this is entirely a civil matter and not a criminal one. EFCC is too big an institution to be reduced to a debt collection agency by this group of criminals.

Miss Odiye has also gone on to refute the claim that she does her business in secrecy. Her business name is Lolabs Enterprises Ventures and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. She challenges them to state the company which they said she has been doing business with and is not registered.

The transaction in question here was done in her name, as this was the prerequisite, and all correspondence was to have gone through the office of her Lawyer. In the same vein, she challenges the alleged victims to come out and state what businesses they run and their own business addresses, especially Rufus Olaleke, who is a staff of the Lagos State Government.

The claim that she gave a fake office address is false, as the address stated there is that of her Lawyer which was used for the sake of correspondence. The address, being 2A, Johnson Street, off Dipeolu Street, Allen, Ikeja is an open place and can be accessed by anyone interested.

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She has also said that she doesn’t own properties in Alagbole/Akute, as was said in the accusations and challenges anyone to come out with evidence to this.

She has also come out to boldly challenge anyone to come out with evidence that she has used her faith to swindle anybody. Being a member of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), she holds her faith and religious affiliations in high regard and takes offense in such allegations.

On these accusations, she has said the actions of these unscrupulous elements are malicious, defaming and will not go unanswered. Hence, she has given instructions to her Lawyers to take appropriate legal steps to bring these criminals to book.