OAP, Toke Makinwa Warns Man not to Dump Pregnant Wife for Cheating

OAP, Toke Makinwa Warns Man not to Dump Pregnant Wife for Cheating

A meme has been in circulation describing how a lady got pregnant for another man while he is still married to her husband who just found out he is not the father of the unborn child and this has led to various opinion in the blogosphere.

One of such persons who have aired her view on the matter is controversial on-air-personality, Toke Makinwa, who has taste the ugly side of marriage and its challenges.

Toke while attempting to advice the man bearing the pain stated that he could possibly be the one at fault because he may have been busy focussing more on his job rather than staying by his wife whenever he is less busy.

She warned that chasing the woman out of the marriage will not be the right thing to do rather he should accept the turnout of things and care for the baby because his marriage his legal while the man outside remains an outsider.

In Toke’s Opinion, “Hmmmmmm!!! This is a deep issue o, maybe he was focused on his career and was always going out, maybe the man outside is the innocent looking one, does not have swag, easy going and natural. Maybe he needs to hit the gym fast, cook for her, take care of the kids etc… whatever he decides, he should just accept the child, the other man will always be an outsider, it was a mistake; after all it is him she married, he is the legal husband. He should fight for his marriage, forgive her, dem no Dey throway wife o, where will he start from? Wife scarce for market!”

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