Nollywood actress, Paschaline Alex Okoli, bereaved, death, grandfather, Nollywood, family,
Nollywood actress, Paschaline Alex Okoli

Nollywood actress, Paschaline Alex Okoli, is currently bereaved as she has just lost her grandfather who was 82 years of age.

The actress who is still in shock after receiving the sad news disclosed that the year has been a tough one for her late granddad who struggled to stay alive but eventually lost the fight.

According to her, “Yesterday, Thursday (July 19 2018) my grandfather died, he was 82years old. When I heard the news last night, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. Friends and family have sent well wishes, but I don’t know how to respond. i just want to hide and block out the world for a week. i know that’s not reality. He battled so much to be alive this year. Even though everything inside of me feels like it’s in fire, I get the strength to wipe my tears, when I think about the memories. the hardest part is the distance I am pissed that you didn’t wait to carry my own kids, I am pissed that I won’t see you again, I am pissed that nobody will ask me “ana adogakwa” in your voice I am grateful for the love of words you instilled in me.”

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