Nigeria’s foremost Civil Society Group, Campaign for Democracy (CD) has stated that there is no leadership crisis in the group and that they remain as united and strong as ever.

The group made this revelation in a press statement made available to the media by its National Executive Council. The statement reads:

“Our attention has been drawn to a statement signed by unknown persons purportedly sacking all the National Executive Members of the Campaign for Democracy (CD), which erroneously suggest that the revered organization is factionalised, or to say the least, engulfed with crisis. Ordinarily, one couldn’t have bothered responding to such release with a signature of an unknown name or strange personality to our organization, but for the fact that, such an interloper’s release if not checked, could miss inform, mislead and cast auspicious damage to our age long integrity and credibility before our teeming members, supporters and sympathizers, particularly soil the good relationship we have been enjoying with members of the press, of which your media organization is one Unique.

Please, the Campaign for Democracy, hereby, wishes to unequivocally state that the signatory to the purported release is unknown as member or friend of the organization, neither his acclaimed supporters from all the States of the federation as claimed, but, someone we could best describe as an interloper with a scandalous mission to cause confusion if not try to pull down the legacy of the organization in its entire years of democratic struggles for ulterior motives.

Consequently, we would like to enjoin the Nigeria Media and our teeming Supporters to kindly disregard such documents which can best be described as the personal opinion of the Writer and which is clearly not well thought out, nor represents the true position and situation within the organization, as there is no logical sense or opportunity for one individual from no known membership to unilaterally call a congress, nor singularly expel all Executive members in a fell swoop for whatever reason.

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For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to reiterate that all executive members are intact, remain United and committed to the struggle and wouldn’t be distracted by the ranting of a ravaging political tout going about with all intents of deceit and selfish aggrandisement. Moreso, all our members across the nation are already in the know of this notoriety to say the least.

Our supporters nationwide are therefore asked to kindly ignore documents like this, as we endeavor to rekindle and put our democratically committed struggle on sound footing once again.”