As the 2023 General elections in Nigeria is fast approaching, those vying for various political offices are constantly doing their underground works towards ensuring they get victory at the polls. One of such candidate who is aiming to win is the New Nigeria People’s Party  (NNPP), governorship flagbearer, Oluwafemi Ajadi, who is silently campaigning towards changing the narratives in Ogun state.

In an Exclusive interview with, the well known philanthropist shared some of his intentions for the state.

Read excerpts below;

You are an established business man, what prompted you to delve into politics, is it about making more money?

My coming into politics has no selfish financial motive behind it. It is because of the revelation I got many years ago, which I have narrated before, God told me that I am in Nigeria to play a role in helping people. Naturally I like to assist people when I have the means. This is why I am in politics.

You are contesting under the umbrella of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), for the governorship office of Ogun state, do you think your party stands a chance of winning?

A very big chance. If you look at what is happening, you will agree with me that NNPP is the party of the moment. in the last five, six years, things have moved from bad to worse. Having tried PDP and APC, the only credible alternative is NNPP.

There is this saying that Nigerian politics is a dirty one, have you played dirty too?

Those playing dirty are those who want to win by all means. My mission in politics is from God, so I don’t need to play like the others who just want to fulfill personal ambitions. I am calm, but I am at the time working hard to succeed. So, I don’t need to play dirty at all .

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Political parties in Nigeria, we keep seeing recycled politicians carpet crossing from one party to another, how do you think Nigerians can have trust in these faces?

That’s why we are appealing to Nigerians to support NNPP, the only party that is sincere about rebuilding Nigeria. A politician is free to move when necessary, not because he is desperate for power, that one is pure selfishness.

Some believe that only known faces can win election, have you been able to test your popularity in Ogun state and what is the reception like?

If you perform in previous offices or assignments, you can win elections.
we have seen new politicians defeat the experienced ones. If you are honest and trustworthy, people will vote for you.

What are the transformation you plan on bringing into Ogun state?

Several transformations, in the area of roads, inner roads. Even inside Abeokuta and Ijebu ode, roads are bad not to talk of satellite communities like Sango, Ifo, Ibafo, Akute, Olambe, so, we will repair these roads to make life and business better for Ogun people.

Our people need these roads moving to work or business. Also, jobs and capacity building for youth and women. A lot of youths and women have no jobs and this is not okay.

We will create employment for them.
we have an agric scheme that can easily provide jobs for them.

Security is another area. Our state is no longer secure. the rate of movement of strangers and criminals into and out of the state has become worrisome. We will ensure effective collaboration of Amotekun and OPC with civil defense to support regular police to ensure security. We will mobilise the communities to ensure Ogun is secured.

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With the preparations so far, how will you rate NNPPs chances of winning?

100 percent chance. We are the perfect alternative to both the APC and the PDP.
Nigerians are tired of lies, economic hardship and the lack of amenities.
It is only in the NNPP that you can find the sincerity and transparency that can rebuild this country.