South African Based Nollywood Actor, Sule Stanley better known as Ukwa South

Fast rising South African based Nollywood actor, Sule Stanley better known as Ukwa South, is already living his dreams as he is pitching a strong tent which has given birth to great actors and actresses in the industry.

In a recent interview with from his South African location, he shared his journey so far and his intention to build a film Academy.

Read excerpts below;

You are quite new in the Nollywood industry, do you see it as a career part worth delving into knowing how poorly paid the industry is?

Well, I started from South Africa and I believe it’s something worth giving a try especially when one has passion for it. Currently I am doing my second production in 6 months. Shooting a movie with Art Life Media, featuring Walter Anger, Georgina Ibeh, Larry Goldsweat, Christopher Bassey and others. It’s a production already shot in Nigeria and the oversea scenes I am playing a significant character here in it.

How many movies have you featured in so far and how has the reception been like?

I am still new for now but already enjoying the exposure.

Can you let your fans into your real personality and identity?

I love the entertainment name Ukwa South but my real name is Sule Stanley from Edo State. I am into Investment Consultation and based in South Africa.

As a young charming actor with huge potentials, have you been getting advances from the female folks already?

I am a lovely person. Before spotlight the showbiz spotlight has always been around me.

Between the Home video industry (Asaba movies) and the cinema movies, which do you think will make better impact for you as upcoming?

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As you call it Asaba and Home office, for now I will say they are both a point of exposure because, the Nigerian market is large with over 200million population compared to South Africa where population is less.

Let us talk about environment a bit, how long have you lived in South Africa considering the unrest that took place some years ago?

I have been here for over 15years. I established myself here that is why I am trying to build the industry from here. So, whenever I come home doing production won’t be hard and I am planning on opening a Film school here in the nearest future.

The South African economy and that of Nigeria, which is better?

It all depends on what you are doing. Nigeria is known for Oil and gas, while South Africa is known for Gem Stones.

You talked about opening a film school in South Africa, why not in Nigeria?

Well, I started from here. Many Nigerians come here to learn cinematography and being a contact person for our people back home wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You are already growing the brand ‘Ukwa South,’ it sounds like you want to be a comic actor and why the choice of name?

Besides movie, naturally I am a lively person to be with. Ukwa brand didn’t start today. The South was added to it because of my stay in South Africa. So, when people talk about Ukwa sometimes, most mistake me for the great Osofia. So, when you say Ukwa South, it’s easier to acknowledge.

Most producers enjoy shooting movies outside Nigeria, as a contact person with the exposure, what do you think is the reason for that?

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It depends on the storyline of the movie. But most likely the environment and picture quality are always way different from what we have back home truth be told. What you can shoot with a Red Camera or a Black magic can easily be used by Canon here or 7D.

You already have a good knowledge about the industry to an extent, do you think we are getting it right already or what could be done to better position it?

A lot still has to be done even in Hollywood new changes comes every year. It’s all about working on the necessary things that needs to be changed.