Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo

What the hard economy Nigeria is currently faced with, some youths are already thinking outside the box on how they can come up with creative ideas to help make a difference in the country and one of such fellow is business executive come politician, Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, who is already making plans to run for the top sit of the Presidency in Nigeria.

Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, is already doing his grassroots’ homework and making his intentions known as he hopes to compete for the office of the President with a view to bring it the designed change Nigerians are yearning for.

In an exclusive interview with barndafriq.com, Olufemi, out of his busy schedule, let us into his little plans for politics and other businesses.

Read excerpts below;

Can we get to meet you, educational background, business and family?

I am Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo. Am a native of Egbeda LGA, Ibadan, Oyo State. I Am married to Oyindamola Ajadi from Egbeda LGA, Ibadan, Oyo State. Blessed with three kids, Taiwo and Kehinde (twins) and my name sake Olufemi David Ajadi. I am an entrepreneur with Bullion Go-Neat Global. We are into manufacturing, music and artist management, record label, sport academy, import and export and many more. We have team that handle all the departments.

You have been showing keen interest in politics, do you have any plans to run for any office anytime soon?

Yes, of course, especially when things aren’t going well, instead of complaining and murmuring, you find a way to put things right. With my experience gained from traveling, I have what it takes to serve Nigeria. Presently, am the Youth Leader of my community, I work closely with the youths, settling communal dispute, my company have been able to empower youth in the community by creating job opportunity for them, what have I done? I have created employment through small scale entrepreneurship. My interest is borne from the pains Nigerians are suffering from the past and present administration, where are the promises they made before they were elected into office? Why are they so forgetful that they are serve the people. I also coordinate a solidarity group called All Nigerian Youth Re-oriented Movement, consist of elites and good leaders. Therefore, we raised some important issues which we are working on, how political office holders will be held accountable for their promises and also to sign a bill that whatever promises they make to Nigerians if after his/her tenure fails to deliver or fulfill those promises he/she should be summon and prosecuted under the law even by a Single Nigerian.

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You are studying mass communication, how do you plan to link it with your political aspirations?

The Media of mass communication is to promote the good of individuals and communities, while, also exposing evil deeds as well. Information is key to every good or bad governance, the more information you are exposed to the better for you. By virtue of the constitutional powers and duties of the press media to uphold the responsibility and accountability of the government to the people as well as being a watchdog of government actions and activities pertaining to governance, transparency and accountability as cited in the Nigerian Constitution Section 22. Having known that, journalism is a weapon in my arsenal which I will use to wade off selfish and bad leaders who keeps plundering our resources for their own interest. Tell them no way for them come 2023 and now we will keep exposing bad leaders and vote them out, enough is enough.

Earlier, you said you are into drink production, what kind of drink do you manufacture and how has the reception been like?

We manufacture alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, there are Seadon’s Blended Gin, Seadon’s Schnapp Flavoured Spirit and Coco Samba Alcoholic Bitters which is good for strong erection, enhances proper digestion and normalizes menstrual pains. The reception has been good to God’s glory, the truth is in Nigeria if you have a vision or dream and you don’t work with it, it will die with you but the moment you are determined doors will open up. Research is still on going for the other new products we intend to introduce to the market, the products named mentioned are really trending in the market, they are products that speaks for themselves, in the aspects of quality, uniqueness, and effectiveness.

Considering the harsh Nigerian economy especially for businesses, how as it strive in the Nigerian market?

It has not really been easy, but we manage to cope. Electricity is the major challenge we face, we use petrol at all times for production, every of our equipment are powered with generator 90%. Yes, it is difficult to stay afloat in the Nigerian market because of certain challenges like electricity, price control, roads and so on. But I use to say ‘if you have an idea and you don’t make use of it, it will go to the grave with you’. No matter how difficult the economy proves to be an entrepreneur will always strive. On that note I will beckon on the present administration to assist small scale businesses by providing power and electricity. I think government should work on these challenges so as to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs spring up, thereby, causing less dependency on government and bringing development to the country.

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You stated that you have plans to play active politics come 2023, do you think you have what it takes to compete with others?

I have always been a politician and a diplomatic one at that, I told you of the solidarity group I coordinate, am also a Youth Leader in my community, I don’t think I will have to compete with anyone because my manifestos will speak for itself and the bill I told you earlier will stand in the way of greedy and selfish leaders. We have started the underground work and very soon it will get to every hearts in Nigeria.

Do you have the finance to put things in place or you have any political godfather who is ready to finance you?

What does it take to be good leader…vision, compassion, determination, foresight to mention but a few. In a clandestine nation like nation everyone active in politics love to be called a politician, why not be a leader as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, whose self-sacrifice has made them a demigod and epitome of leadership. I am the Youth Leader of my community and also the President of the All Nigerian Youth Re-oriented Movement, a solidarity group that speaks for the defenceless and also microscopes the activities of political office holders. My interest is to have a coalition with any right thinking group of persons or individual that have the interest of the people of Nigeria in their hearts. From the grassroots I know what am doing for my community, so when am the President of Nigeria I will keep on the good work which is part and parcel of me. Am not competing with anyone, in short i do not see any competition whatsoever, bring your manifestoes and let me bring mine and let’s see who is more sincere and which person will deliver to the people of Nigerian his promises.


Which level of political office do you intend to run for and how do you plan to convince the youths to vote for you and what prompted this choice of office?

I am a youth, I am for the youths and I am with the youths, what do you think of me? A councillor? Oh no. Whoever must make a change should start at the top. The Presidency is where that transformation can take place, where i can monitor every arms of the government and put things in their right places. What prompted this choice of office is my desire to put Nigeria economy as no.1 in the world, secondly, is to emancipate the citizen from slavery of old cabals and empower them to a more better living. My first agenda will be to provide stable and constant power supply to help businesses, industry and economy thrive, when that happens citizens and business owners will have the willpower to work and fend for themselves without looking for government. Secondly, I will establish a system whereby citizens will feed adequately whether by a price control mechanism or a food mall, whereby you get a meal daily. Furthermore, it is sad that present and past administration neglects social amenities even the ones that are surviving are on a state of pity, those are areas my administration will look into.

Like you said, you also own a sport academy, which angle of sport are you into, how has it been faring, since when did you start and how many talents have you breed?

Of course, I take active part in sport activities and seeing the method of developments of sport in western countries, I decided to setup an academy to train aspiring talent and showcase them to the world because I believe in them. Go-Neat Football Academy has product of immense ability to face trial abroad and competition. Everything I do is prompted by the love I have for the youth…Music, Sport, Entertainment and others.