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Some people might not understand the pains that comes with having children as parent and not be able to hear their voice for almost eternity except a miracle occurs but Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha can explain such pain.

The actress since she was given birth along with her siblings have not had the opportunity of communicating with their father like every other children and that is because of the wars her father had taken part in which almost took his life.

The actress while appreciating her father and other soldiers disclosed that there is nothing that gives her joy than seeing her dad grow old by the day and still looking cheerful despite not hearing the cry of her children as a result of bomb blasts during the war.

“On a special day like this I remember and celebrate my father’s service to my country. 36 years of service wearing this khaki. While I am grateful you are still here with us, I will use this day to remember all the bullets you took with numerous physical scars to show for it. Most of us will never fully understand the cost of war or the sacrifices you guys made for our liberty and freedom. Dad you live with disability today having lost both ears to shelling and bombings during the civil war. The most painful aspect is that you don’t know what my voice sounds like since my birth. To your six children our best way of communicating with you is with sign language. Yes Papa. You’ve never heard my voice, you only read our lips or read whatever we pen down for you. I grew up saluting you. That was our way of saying good morning or good night Papa. Always remember, I will forever salute you father. Communicating with you was the greatest challenge we’ve all faced.

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“I pray God continue to keep you and give you strength to live out the rest of your days in peace and love amongst your children and grandchildren. You were a brave British trained solider Nigerian Solider Biafra Solider Nigerian Army Too many battles you fought gallantly father, in Nigeria civil war , Lebanon , ECOMOG, and other war turn African countries. Thanks to you guys for the little peace we enjoy today in most part of Africa. 60s through 80s were roughest periods in Africa. It was an era of war and political instabilities. Most Africans were fighting their colonial masters to regain their independence and freedom. Many young brave men gave their lives for our independence and freedom. Father you were one of them. You were an Army lecturer, Army Officer, Army Engineer, father, husband and brother. We will always love you papa . Proudly Nigerian. Happy Memorial Day to all who lost their lives in service to their country.” She wrote.


Biafra, Georgina Onuoha, Nollywood, Nollywood actress, War, Soldier, Military, Nigeria, Nigeria civil war , Lebanon , ECOMOG,