First Bank, Snakes, Monkeys

Hmm, it is indeed time for Nigerians to be very careful as many are getting scared with the future of the country and banking system considering the level of financial loss to some strange animals which have been swallowing money here and there.

Recently, some Nigerians were left worried after waking up to the news about Snake and Monkey swallowing huge amounts of money.

In proving to its customers who have been asking questions about the bank’s integrity, First Bank has made it known to their customers that their Elephant which has been standing there for 124years is one they can trust.

According to the bank, “Science has several times proven our choice of elephant right. It represents integrity, trustworthiness, dependability and longevity. We have proved that for 124 years. Money swallowing stunt is for monkeys and snakes. Our ideals, vision & purpose is to ensure your financial safety not perform stunts like magician animals. Call the name with respect, for it has been existing for 124 years operating with integrity, trust & dependability. .

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