China Base Nigerian Super Star Agent, Alex Segun Oni
China Base Nigerian Super Star Agent, Alex Segun Oni

…wins Best International Agent in China

Success is only possible when you give your 100% with hard work, Focus, exploring skills at every level, being real and ready to take challenges for achieving dreams. Today you will read about the youngest superstar agent from Nigeria Oni Segun Alex (AKA. Alex Otedola) who is different from his place, who is focused from a young age and his dedication and hard work is paying him big at a young age with fame, name and money.

Oni Segun Alex (also known as Alex Otedola), born and brought up in Maiduguri Nigeria. Oni Segun Alex was always good in studies which can be seen in his profile. He started his studies at Foundation Bilingual School, Maiduguri.

Importance to Education: For further studies he moved to China where he completed his studies in Computer Science and Technology at Liaoning University of technology China.  He was knowing the importance and power of Education from his childhood which has helped him immensely for getting success and it has also helped him to visit several places which helped him to start a business of his own at a very early age.

2012 Life Changing Year: As he was completing his studies he was learning many new things especially from China and he discovers that there are good opportunities for other also to get an education and also do business in China so he started his own company in 2012  called The Laowai Tv  and it covers Services for Expats in China, Education, Trading, Event Management and also charity work.

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Appreciated for his work: Alex Otedola has been appreciated for his work and received many awards too from many places like China than his home place Nigeria he is young but getting awards like an experienced Business tycoon and why not when you are so energetic and visionary person. Face of Foreigner in China (FIC 2015) Best International Agent in China (BIA 2018) and several.

Young Entrepreneur: There are two types of businessman one gets success at the late ’50s after years of hard work and some like Alex Otedola are born entrepreneur who gets success at every age with his energy, vision, hard work, passion to do something new by taking a risk in early age.

Social Responsibility: He understands his social responsibility to which is the best example for any youngsters from any country serving people is the best prayer anyone can do.

All the Best: Oni Segun Alex is a role model for many youngsters who want to achieve something in life you can learn many things from his short career. We wish Mr. Oni Segun Alex (AKA. Alex Otedola) more success in life .

China Base Nigerian Super Star Agent, Alex Segun Oni
China Base Nigerian Super Star Agent, Alex Segun Oni