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Nollywod Actress, Eucharia Anunobi

Nollywood actress, Eucharia Anunobi, has warned people in relationships hoping to get married soon to be careful before taking that bold step so they don’t regret later.

The actress pointed out that some ladies and guys tolerate a whole lot during the courtship with the hope that their partners will change for the better as time goes on but all to no avail.

In her words, “Isn’t it amazing that we are most often the architect of our own doom! Yes! You know she is not spirit filled , can’t cook , doesn’t read , lazy , a party freak , can’t even do her own laundry , only snaps pictures of herself and post on social media , drinks alcohol like her life depends on it , pretends to love you , a spend drift , rude and arrogant , yet you go ahead and marry her . Oh she will change! Story.

“You know he has anger issues, low self-esteem, jealous of your achievements, jealous even of your incubating future dreams/ visions, has controlling tendencies (don’t you know am the man? Please if you’re the man , you don’t need to say it , things you do will authenticate them ) , talks negatively about women , hitting you though you are still courting , cheats on you and keeps blaming the devil , you know he has erectile dysfunction , you only want his money and then go get you another man ( shame on you , you will be caught and disgraced , if it’s not it , why greedily enter into the union ) never prays nor read the Bible and if prayers must be said , he tells you to pray ( oh your anointing is overflowing ) Tales by moonlight !! You shall continue to be one leading prayers. Ummnh, my dear help yourself and save yourself future pain. Disconnect now. In short with the spiritual scissors handed to me, I sever you from that ill-fated, doomed relationship.”

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