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Indomie Relish

What makes a complete meal for you? Is it the array of ingredients, the irresistible aroma that hits your nose, the captivating taste that delights your taste buds, its filling quantity, or the crave for more?

The new Indomie Relish delivers a deliciously wholesome and complete meal experience as it comes in two delicious flavors- Chicken Extravaganza and Seafood Delight.

Chicken extravaganza comes with a dash of real chicken chunks, chicken sausages, chili chunks and seasoning oil while the Seafood Delight comes with a splash of real fish chunks, fish powder, chili powder, seasoning oil and seasoning powder to give a taste that marries your taste buds from the first slurp.

If fish is your thing, we got you covered. If you prefer chicken, we got your back. And if you eat both, then relish all the way.

Only one thing happens when you taste Indomie Relish, “you don’t wanna stop relishing”.

Now, how better should a complete meal come if not like this? Hmmmm……RELICIOUS

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