The Nigerian movie industry has continued to strive hard regardless of the harsh economy and situation of things. More movies, talents and more are being rolled out daily.

One of such talent in the industry Nkechi Gift Benjamin, has been able to pitch her tent right so far and not slowing down. In a recent exclusive interview with, the diva shared some of her thoughts about marriage and the industry.

Read excerpts below;

*Can we get to know more about you and your educational background?*

My name is Nkechi Gift Benjamin, I went to school and I am Educated

*Why did you choose acting over other professions?*

It’s something I have passion for and it’s always said follow your passion. Though I also have other business I do. Such as Home Decoration and home Makeover and also Garden Planting.

*Between money and fame, which is most important to you as a lady?*

Both because you need money to maintain the fame as it goes.

*Can you marry a man who is not wealthy but can afford three square meals?*

Anybody who can afford 3 square meal in this era is a ritualist. So I will gladly go with a man who can afford it. The essense of life is been able to afford necessary things needed for a human to function

*We all know how some producers take advantage of some females who wants to act, has any producer demand for sex from you so far?*

I Am a Producer at this point by his grace and I transited from being an actor. While coming into the industry I never for once experienced the harassment journey. So I believe to my own best understand. Some upcoming or aspiring actors give conclusions to this topic.  In as much as all industry in the world. Banking. Governmental etc. There are cases of sexual harassment. But I give God the glory am not have never been a victim of this. Probably that is why my passion for film making grew higher

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*If by chance you get pregnant for any celebrity in the country, will you gladly keep the pregnancy or abort it?*

At this age. We have gone through the era of get belle and remove am. The fact I had a unprotected sex. It means I trust the person and am ready to go beyond just having sex.

*So far, how many movies have you featured in and which one are you currently working on?*

So far I would say 3.    And am currently working on the forth one this time as a Producer and actor

*Can you marry the current guy you are dating or you still have not found your choice yet?*

I am currently single

*Where do you see yourself in acting in the next 5 years?*

Being a happily married woman and attaining certain stage in life have always dream of, and finally to be happy

*Aside movie, what are the other means by which you use in keeping body and soul together?*

My company name is High Five Eagle Limited. We are into Tiling. Painting. Interior and Exterior Decoration. Building construction. Plastering. Supply of PPES. Cleaning service. House maintainance service. Labour supply.