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Banky W

Singer, Banky W, has really gotten himself involved in the political administration of the country that he has been using his large fan base to preach the gospel of having a new Nigeria rather than them pitching tents with the same recycled political parties in the country.

“Politicians are playing musical chairs with our country’s destiny. Instead of us coming together & cancelling ALL of them, some of us are picking sides, fighting on their behalf & FALSELY accusing ourselves. News flash: They’re ALL out 4 Self-interest. We need an entirely new path

“It’s a chess game between two sides. Aren’t we tired of being pawns yet? No? We are just going to sit here and fight/falsely accuse ourselves, on behalf of leaders on both sides of the aisle, most of whom have clearly shown that we are the ones they care LEAST about?

“Cancel all of them. It’s a chess game, and we are the pawns. It’s a damn comedy show, and the joke is on us. It has always been.

“Permit me to paraphrase, the punishment for us not getting involved in politics, is that we end up with leaders like these. What we should be doing is working TOGETHER to build a new way forward. Not throwing stones and falsely accusing each other.

“Those of us that have registered to vote for 2019, vote with your conscience. But it isn’t just about 2019. It’s about building a new viable option going forward. Aren’t we sick of all of them already?? Haven’t they all had enough chances to do and be better??


“I’m hoping to work with whoever wants to build something new. We have the numbers to do it. But we are busy playing their game and picking sides. We are no better than the generations that got us in this mess.

“Cancel ALL of em. It’s a chess game, and we are the pawns. It’s a damn comedy show, and the joke is on us. We need to create a new path. Why pick sides in a lose-lose situation?”