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Nollywood actress, Esther Audu Ejire

There is nothing as sweet as having a warm heart to love and to be loved just the way Nollywood actress, Esther Audu Ojire, found true love about two years ago.

Esther unlike some people took her time to define what she truly wanted when it comes to love and she ensured she made no mistake in settling down with man her heart went, Philip Ejire and today they are one strong item to emulate from.

They recently celebrated their wedding anniversary as their love life entered its 2nd year and still counting.

One of the examples they have been able to set is the fact that they have never for one day brought their challenges to social media and as such, people are not aware of any issues they have been managing as they are always seen clocking hands together.

Sharing their happy message, Esther wrote, “Time flies and everything changes, before this day 2years ago I was so scared about getting married but now you have given me a reason to say that sometimes all you need to do is face your fears and confront it. It has not been an easy journey but you have given me the best years of my life and I forever want to spend the rest with you.

“Saying am lucky to have you is an understatement, you are Gods special gift to me and I will forever hold, protect and cherish it. You have supported me, encouraged me, mentor me, scold me when am wrong, hold my hands, protect me, pray for me more than for yourself. I pray God continually keep us in love and peace of mind and no evil eye will befall our marriage and home in Jesus name. Amen. 2 years down and forever to go. I LOVE YOU PHILIP CHIYEME OJIRE and thank you for having me as your wife.”

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