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Lizzy Anjorin

Pretty Nollywood actress and fashion designer, Lizzy Anjorin, since taking to Islam, has not missed any Holy pilgrimage and now she has made it a duty because she has been getting results.

Sure for anyone that is going or any form of spiritual event they always have prayer points to make and the actress did not fail to touch the important avenues which she knows will cover every other spheres of her life.

Sharing the prayer points, she wrote, “Allahu help me give me my mother a special VIP treatment that is much more awesome than the Saudi VIP Private Jet. Make her rest well and have cause to be proud of me. Oh Allah, forgive her all her sins (Amen). Oh Allah, I want to be a special child to my family. World best product to my Country all over the world, best wife to my man, sweetest mother to my child/children. I want every child/children that comes out of my womb to be a Diamond Star and blessings to their generation.

“Let the whole world accept my children with blessing just as the world accept money. Let my star and glory be known all over the world like that of KABBAR. Let me have peace of mind like MEDINAH. Let my fame grow and spread like fire that no amount of water can quench it. Let my blessings be like that of Tsunami that nobody can stop. Let me have long life like the queue on the 3rd Mainland Brigde on Monday Morning. Let my wisdom, knowledge, good health , wealth and understanding be like that of Prophet Sulaimon (AS).

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“Let my glory be like that of a Vocalno that nobody can block. Let my lovers be loved. Let my helpers get heavenly help from above. Let my fans find favour. Forgive me all my sins. Let my country (NIGERIA) have peace. Let my state (Lagos) be a peaceful place. Oh Allah, please in your mercy consider my good deeds to accept my dua as act of ibadah. I called you SUGAR DADDY (ALLAHU) because it can only be you if human does it. He must have be tired even disgrace you or retrieve the goodies but you stand behind me gidigba. Please, continue SEGANMIDOGO. I swear, mo mo ore, Sir. Thanks for years back. Thanks for today. Thanks for when the world still exist. Thanks for when the world will stop existing. Thank You for loving me…say yours too.”