Emmanuel Ola’Abraham
Serial entrepreneur, Emmanuel Ola’Abraham better known as Africa

Ibadan based farmer and serial entrepreneur, Emmanuel Ola’Abraham better known as Africa, is one personality the Ibadan city is gradually getting to adore due to his numerous businesses which keeps spanning as the day goes by and he is not relenting as he continues to step up his investment strength.

Emmanuel Ola’Abraham is also the CEO, Owambe Foods, Owambe TV, Iris Film Academy, Owambe Farms, and more.

One of the industries he has been able to become a stakeholder is the Agricultural sector which many are yet to key into due to the perceived dirty nature of the job with many youths in search of office jobs.

With large hectares of farm lands with different aspect of Agriculture, Ola’Abraham, has been able to contribute in the reduction of unemployment rate in the country with more attention on competency than certificate.

In an exclusive interview with brandafriq.com on the challenges the youths are likely going through when it comes to owning a business, Ola’Abraham, disclosed that the government has its own share of blame but the youths too should capitalize on legitimate opportunities available to make a healthy living.

In his words, “Government has a role to play but let us leave that aside. We have a bad government no doubt, does that mean the youths should seat back, wine dine and cry; you will just die. So, for youths to survive in this country they first need to unlearn that money doesn’t solve the problem of every customer or entrepreneur. Anybody that gives you money does not mean he has given you the solution. When I got my first grant, I laundered everything because I did not know how money operates at that time. I was naïve, so, more money doesn’t solve problem of businesses, what solves problem of businesses is customer but note that money is important but gives you what to spend. We are in a go-slow country and Nigeria will force you to slow, so be calming down.”

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Speaking further about possible investors coming to invest in his farm, he explained that with what he has learnt so far in the Agricultural sector, he will not take any investment below the sum of 1million Naira from any youth that approaches him.

“I started taking investors with 200k but now I don’t even do any investment less than 1million. I few guys who don’t have up to such amount and so I won’t have them partner with me. You are young, I will guide you, go to the land and do the farming yourself because if you invest 1million with me and I give you whatever amount I give you; I have taken out of it, I have profited from it. So, what I do for young people is I you are young and you have time and not working anywhere and what you have is 200k, don’t add to my problem. Gain experience, I will give you knowledge that will not allow you make the same mistake I have made for free, I will get you access to land and do it yourself, understand the sector, if you need people to buy from you, I will help you sell that is the only thing I can do for them. 100k-300k will run my accounting system,” he stressed.