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Nollywood Actress, Jennifer Ezeodili

Lots of Nigerians now prefer to watch foreign movies and even go to the CD shops to ask for the various seasons but shy away from the Nollywood movies with their reasons in mind.

These days, some Nigerians have been forced to go visiting the cinemas to watch some Nigerian movies and that is because the producers of the cinema movies spend lots of time and money to get the best in their production and thus letting the fans know that there is problem in the industry.

Each week, movies are being released into the market but the profit is rather low or better still, lets say there have been no sales and as such, some producers (Asaba) prefer to make films for Iroko Tv, African Magic so as to make quick money.

Fast rising Nollywood actress, Jennifer Ezeodili, knows her acting career might be at risk but God controls her life and she has decided to speak out after actor, Jim Iyke was quoted as saying that he no longer acts because producers cannot afford his fees.

According to the actress, “I know I’m no one, I might not even be a good actress, yes let me troll on myself before you blood thirsty Nigerians come for me….. JIM WAS NICE WITH THE TRUTH! He understated the situation. Nollywood producers use 300 thousand naira to shoot movies these days (cinemas excluded). Nollywood in Asaba is DEAD!!! They now shoot movies not to grow the industry but to sell to iroko tv or African magic and collect the profit of like N300k on top and move on. Movie making is now akara business… not quality but quantity. I grew up loving Nollywood, I was born a writer but these people will kill your dreams with price. Imagine someone telling you to do a mental creation of the mediocrity there brain has concocted which is meant to almost feel up an 80 leaves long note if not more then tell you that the highest they can ever pay someone for that is FOURTY THOUSAND NAIRA. All these up-comers flaunting money on social media are either being FAKE, married a RICH man, into YAHOO or doing the usual SELLING OF BODY. I’m not out of question. I can’t advise my enemy to join Nollywood right now. The only acting that has paid me according to my worth was JENIFA’s diary…. just one scene but I was paid accordingly. Nollywood producers in the east can afford Jim, Genevieve, Rita or any other person but to them right now, it’s AKARA business. QUANTITY not QUALITY.”

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