Cultural ecstasy as Ilonzo, Tambuwal, others bag Chieftaincy titles

Cultural ecstasy as Ilonzo, Tambuwal, others bag Chieftaincy titles

Against the backdrop of incessant uprisings and military actions in the South East, Prof. Ngozi Ezeilo, a human rights chief and convener of Southeast  Human Right Situation Room (SEHRSR), has called for an improved military and civilian relationship and co-existence in Nigeria as a means of promoting, stimulating and instituting peace, development and progress in the country.

Ezeilo made this assertion Saturday after she led a coalition of human rights groups to a peace rally across key quarters in the State capital in commemoration of the World Peace Day 2017 in Enugu.

The activist urged all Nigerians to be law abiding citizens and to embrace the law of reciprocity, adding that civilians should respect the military even as the military give same respect to civilians, according to her, respect is reciprocal.

“We must be law abiding citizens. We can’t take the law into our hands. We can’t challenge the security sector. Respect the military even as  the military respect you because respect they say is reciprocal,” she said.

Ezeilo also enjoined Nigerians to embrace the behaviour of people in other parts of the world, stressing that military personnel in advanced countries are well respected by their people.

“When those in advanced countries see their military, they stand up, they clap for them and they hail them because they know that their military can lay their lives for them,” she said.

She therefore urged Nigerians to restore the dignity of the military while also calling on the military to restore the dignity and human rights of the citizens in order  to promote peace in the country.

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“And for Operation Python Dance 2, the military should make a particular effort to ensure that they respect human rights.  Everybody deserves human rights.  We have interacted with the military on several occasions. We have seen their code of conduct and they have come out to tell the people why they are carrying such operation in the east. For this reason we call on them to obey human rights.”

She also called on Nigerians especially the youth to shun violence and embrace peace as she urged parents to advise their children to cooperate in order to achieve one Nigeria adding that Nigeria’s peace is non-negotiable

“We are one and we believe that we are one Nigeria. We believe in justice, we believe in fairness and we want to see a Nigeria that represents the interest of all. We want to see that the community accepts the military because when you accept someone, the person will accept you,” she said.

She also called on the military to double their efforts in terms of medical outreach and other interventions that are humanitarian in nature for the benefit of the communities they are sent to make peace, emphasising that it was the only way they could win the hearts of the people.