Heritage Bank Signs $1billion MoU with Zamfara State Government

One of Nigeria’s renowned bank, Heritage Bank, is constantly moving ahead of time as they recently put pen to paper as they signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support Zamfara state Government on Economy growth.

Nigeria’s economy is about to experience huge boost as Heritage Bank, African Export Import Bank and Zamfara State Government signed a $1billion Memorandum of Understanding in the areas of mining, agriculture & water resources, with Heritage Bank as the banker of the project.

Managing Director, Ifie Sekibo, noted during the MOU signing, the partnership “is a game changer that will drive formidable economic growth for the state government, serve as a backbone to the economy through job creation, and also cushion the present economic situation.”

The $1billion MoU signing is a win-win collaboration which will fast track support that will help Zamfara explore its unharnessed resources for the benefit of its people and unlock massive opportunities inherent in solid minerals.

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