Hausas Have Realised They can win election without Igbos – Okorocha

Hausas Have Realised They can win election without Igbos – Okorocha

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, during an interactive session with top media practitioners in Owerri, had claimed that Igbos play what he termed the ‘worst politics’ among the ethnic and geopolitical zones in the country.

He condemned activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and repeated his stand for a united Nigeria, stressing that the Hausas already realized they can now win an election without Igbos.

According to him, “Igbos have to change their strategy, in order to reclaim their relevance in Nigeria’s power equation. Quote me anywhere, Igbos play the worst politics in Nigeria.

“Today, Hausas have realised they can win an election without Igbos.

“Hitherto, Hausa used to think they could not win elections without Igbo. Now, they believe with the combined massive populations of Lagos and Kano, they no longer need Igbos to win, hence, the latest alliance between Hausa and Yoruba.

“So, where is Igbo today in Nigerian politics?

“I’ve always said Igbo has this feeling of abandonment. IPOB would have made better impact if they had operated under any other name other than Biafra, to push their demand for equity in sharing of the nation’s political and economic resources. The call for secession was childish.

“IPOB should have fought their struggle like the Niger Delta youths, Arewa youths and Yoruba group.

“Who is Nnamdi Kanu to ask Rochas to follow him to war?

“Check it out, no Hausa man living in the South East owns a duplex neither can you see a Yoruba man who lives in a room and parlor apartment of his own or an investment worth N20 million.

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“But, should Nigeria break up today, Igbos will lose trillions in properties and other investments in Lagos, the North and other parts of the country. This is why we all must condemn IPOB’s call for break up.”

He further said that by its struggle for separation, IPOB had created a feeling of distrust in Igbo among other tribes, thus jeopardising the chance of Igbo in the country’s power equation.

In his words, “The South-South has produced a president, the South-West has produced a president and vice president while the North has produced many presidents.

“By political calculation, it was expected that very soon, Igbo would have a chance to produce the president, but, the same Igbo want to break away from Nigeria. Where is our wisdom?

“Regrettably, IPOB activities has created fears in the minds of Hausa and other ethnic nationalities in the country that, once Igbo becomes president, they would break away.

“So, where are we? This is why I said IPOB were childish in their struggle. We should all condemn the call for secession because if Nigeria breaks up, Igbos will lose.”