Greed Killing PR Agencies...Nwakaego Ojo, CEO, Royal Symbol Production
Content creation and Public Relations management is not an easy job to combine except one is very passionate about it as it requires time, process and ability to convince clients about your capability and for Mrs Nwakaego Ojo, CEO, Royal Symbol Productions, occupying various positions in the industry is not difficult but ability to think outside the box.
Content creation and Public Relations management is not an easy job to combine except one is very passionate about it as it requires time, process and ability to convince clients about your capability and for Mrs Nwakaego Ojo, CEO, Royal Symbol Productions, occupying various positions in the industry is not difficult but ability to think outside the box.
In a recent interview with, she shared her journey so far and issues affecting content creation in the country.
Read excerpts below;
As a content creator cum producer, what kind of content really drives people ‘crazy’ or gets a lot of attention?
For me when creating a content, asides from it the basic qualities like being “informative” “educative” and entertaining, I also look at the platform such content will go on because a content for television should have certain pace compare to one for social media  so talking about driving people crazy, you need to decide your platform first and then create something accordingly. The contents that get the most attention or crazy as you put it are those that are unique and timeless, cutting across one or more of the qualities a content should have.
These days on our local channels, can you say we really have content that depicts good morals?
I’m sorry to say but we have lost that a long time ago. For our Local channels now it’s about who can pay for airtime and not what message or morals the content has.
You are a Public Relations personnel and a content creator, from the PR angle, what do you think really brings some agencies down?
Yes, I’m the CEO of Royal Symbol Productions PR/ Media company and from my experience, most agencies go down mainly because they don’t develop new strategies to help their clients. It’s an error to keep doing new things the old way. When a client approaches you with a project, I believe you should develop a strategic plan to achieve the target or goals of the client. Maybe because I’m a creative person with project management skills, I always come up with new ways of achieving better results than my previous and above all, DELIVER” on agreed deliverables which is what stands me out in terms of PR. I ALWAYS deliver and with Outstanding results at that.
Why do some media houses blacklist some PR agencies/personnel?
Most PR agencies or Personnel get blacklisted by media houses because of their greed or should I say selfishness. No one likes to be used and that is what some agencies do when they approach media houses. They refuse to pay their dues whereas they have been paid by their clients so they stylishly use the media houses to achieve their targets and do not do the needful. I totally support the media houses for such a decision. The world should be “Live and let’s live” not just about you.
How long have you been a PR executive and what have been some of the challenges?
I started PR in 2018, that’s about 3years now and the only challenge I had was convincing clients to trust me with their Brands. For that reason I had to charge very low sometimes just to prove my work and ability to deliver. But now, having worked with a couple of big brands I can boldly make my demands and most times I’m usually recommended by a happy client which makes the job easier.
I’ve worked for clients like Techpoint, SoFresh, Krystal Digital Voice Tower amongst others and also promoted several movies like BOYCOTT, April Showers, Blackout, Beautiful, Detour and so many others. I also work with individuals who might have personal businesses or projects they would need PR for so basically I’m your all in one package trust me.
Back to contents, it is sad that we no longer have creative and quality kids contents on TV, what could be the problem?
You are absolutely right it’s really very sad and from my observation it is as a result of technology. The birth of cable tv gave room to laxity in terms of producing kiddies content. On the other hand, there are hardly any sponsors. It is in this part of the world that we have decided not to invest in kids content because we feel it’s a waste of time and money for the kiddies belt since there is Cartoon network, Nickelodeon and others to keep them occupied so what’s the point.
As a content creator, why is it that some media houses decline good contents from independent producers but go behind to replicate the same in their medium?
This is infact one of the biggest challenge independent producers have with putting out their content but on the side of media houses, they decline some of these contents not because they are not good but because of the lack of continuity from the producer so knowing it’s a good content but unfortunately the producer might not be committed or have enough financial backing they go behind to replicate it so my advice to copyright your content before approaching any media house by so doing you can sue if such is done.
As a media/communication executive, how best can a mass communication graduate best fit into the industry?
I studied computer science and I’m in the industry. How much more a graduate of mass communication but the best way to fit into the industry is to be open to all it’s many aspects. I started as a presenter, then producer, then Director and so on so when coming into the industry, be very open and willing to learn, unlearn and relearn. Some come hoping to just be a presenter, some an editor but when you can even be both or more. Don’t limit yourself, start at any level and you will grow so long as you have an open mind, you can be anything and everything you want in the industry.
As a PR personnel, what do you look out for in your potential client?
Running my PR company, over the years  I’ve come across several clients with different needs, goals, targets and expectations and that has made me build myself and my brand to be dynamic in strategies and approach to any project. What I look out for in my client is their “Set goals”. I always want to make sure they have realistic expectations and also their willingness to participate and cooperate if need be.
About Nwakaego Ojo
PR Agencies Get Blacklisted due to Greed...Nwakaego Ojo, CEO, Royal Symbol Production
Nwakaego Ojo, CEO, Royal Symbol Productions,
Mrs Nwakaego Ojo is a graduate of Computer science, Google certified Digital Marketer, certified Project Manager, Content Creator, Producer/Director and PR Executive. She is the CEO of  Royal Symbol Productions media/PR company and currently works as a Producer/Director with Trybetv and Correct tv both under Group8 Limited.
In her words while speaking with, “I love traveling and meeting people which eventually leads to working on projects and all so basically I love what I do and the time it gives me to be in companionship with God because life to me is a “becoming” of who God has called you to be and being a creative you are already displaying one of God’s numerous characteristics. I’m beautiful, I’m powerful, filled with Wisdom, unstoppable and believe everyday in my life is better than the previous.”
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