God Gives me Keloid Formulations in My Dream...Esther Ughoro
Esther Ughoro better known as Star
With the high rate of skin care products in the Nigerian market, many are left with choices of trying their hands on many to see which works best for their skins. We all have various skin challenges and looking for solutions but out of the many fears, scientists and cosmetologists are trying their hands on various composition to see what works and for Esther Ughoro better known as Star, solving keloid and stretch marks issues gives her so much joy and confidence.
Brandafriq.com catching up with her, she was quick to share some insight on her journey through skin care production and more.
Read excerpts below;
Will it be proper to refer to you as the Keloid Doctor and how does it feel to be helping people eliminate their scars?
No, I’m not a Medical Doctor, neither am I a medical personnel. I am a Cosmetologist.
I am in this profession because I have a Diploma in Cosmetology from Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology in Lagos. That diploma introduced me into skincare and skincare production.
I have also gotten lots of other certificates and diploma in skincare product formulation.
Helping people with their scar gives me so much joy as a lot of people have been affected as a result of low self esteem or from the itching and discomfort from their scar.
In a simple language for the ordinary human, what does keloid mean and what is the skin implication?
Keloid is caused after the skin gets injured and it needs to heal. We all get injured and the injury heals and closes up. But for people with keloid, the skin over heals and that creates a swelling which spreads to even places that did not originally have any injury.
With this swelling, some people experience itching and pain around the keloid.
You also produce products that works for stretch marks, does this means it works for all kind of stretch marks including child delivery scar etc?
Yes, the same product works for all types of stretch marks. I often tell customers that a stretch mark doesn’t really know what caused it, but it reacts as a result of the over stretching of the skin within a short period. It might be from a bad skin care products, pregnancy or even weight gain or weight loss.
What did you study in school and how did you find yourself producing what most scientist are yet to get clean products for it?
I studied Office Technology and Management (HND) from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, and right after NYSC, I attended a Cosmetology school to Study Cosmetology.
I started producing keloid products in 2015/2016 after I stumbled on the word keloid during a research on Stretch Mark. After seeing the picture and reading up about the discomfort, I said to myself that I would formulate a product to help keloid sufferers. I have not looked back ever since.
How were you able to get health agencies approval for the product?
I just got my trademark registered and the next step is Nafdac approval.
What has been your challenges so far and how do you come about your formulation?
Funding is a major challenge for small companies and yes, that’s one challenge. I have been extensively trained to be able to come up with science based formulations. But most importantly, God gives me lots of formulations in my dream (I’m sure you’re wondering who is this person by now)? (laughs).
Most skin products have done more harm than good, how safe is yours?
All my products are backed by science and all our ingredients are naturally sourced.
You recently complete a post graduate programme in Mass Communication from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, why when you are already doing fine?
Seeking for knowledge is unending. Besides, I’ve always loved Mass communication, and as a Cosmetologist, I do a lot of video tutorials about the skin, so I needed the formal training to be able to do it very well.
About Esther Ughoro AKA Star
Esther Ughoro better known as Star, is a Cosmetologist. She studied Office Technology and Management (HND) from Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi. She also has a Diploma in Cosmetology from Elegant Twins School of Cosmetology in Lagos. Star as she is popularly called recently graduated as a Post Graduate student from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba, Lagos, where she studied Mass Communication.
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