Those familiar with the Nollywood industry understands that there are different sides to the industry as we have those acting in the epic world and Urban movies which is seen as the Asaba movies.

Well, no matter the genre it’s all Nollywood but there is this part which many actors are good at yet viewers don’t have the opportunity of watching them on African Magic on DSTV who have now turned to one of the major buyers/promoters of Nollywood movies.

Nollywood actor cum producer, Emmanuel Ehumadu, is not happy with this service provider who have not given the Nollywood action movies a face despite the works and money that goes into action movie production.

Sharing his displeasure, he wrote, “and everyday of my life my fans keep asking me…”Why did you stop acting? I don’t see your movies anymore”…yet, I chunk out hit movies everyday. This is simply because everyone watches African Magic these days. So tell me, why won’t they create African Magic Action,? Just to satisfy our load of fans all over Africa and the world? Is it Political? Is it personal? Is it selfish or fear of taking over viewership? Whatever may be the reason, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If our Nollywood epic and urban movies are good enough for the Nigerian view, the Nollywood action movies are good enough too. They all are our local contents. Give us our right to be seen.”


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