Despite the unfriendly business environment in Nigeria and the various government policies on taxation, Small scale businesses have continued to strive to stay afloat, one of such businesses is NADIM Foods and Spices.

In an exclusive interview with Brand Chronicles on BrandAfriq TV, Managing Director NADIM Foods and Spices, Ramatu Oyibo, disclosed that her company places priority on their customers health which is why their products have no form of preservatives.

Speaking about one of the company’s newly launched product, ‘Fonio Acha Flour,’ Ramatu revealed that the product is good for diabetic people, those who want to lose weight and those who intend keeping fit. It is also very rich in Iron.

MD NADIM Foods and Spices
MD NADIM Foods and Spices

In her words, “The Fonio Acha Flour is popularly grown in the North. It is good for people with Diabetes, people who wants to lose weight and rich in Iron. But, a lot of people don’t know about it that much here like in the North. The Flour can actually be used to replace the rice diet for those who want to eat healthy as we have it both in flour and in grains.”

Ramatu hinted that to further create better awareness for the product, her company is planning the Fonio Acha festival where various meals will be cooked using the Fonio Acha, giving people the opportunity to have a taste of this particular product.

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