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One of Nigeria’s strongest financial institution, Ecobank Nigeria, has begun their usual investment business after the fire outbreak that engulfed its head office on Tuesday, 31st, July, 2018.

The bank and the staff were seen running round the premises to ensure that they helped in putting off the fire as the men of the Fire Service came around on time to help salvage the situation.

The bank disclosed that the outbreak was caused by a diesel tanker and no much damage was done to the office which has seen staff resume their normal duty.

Ecobank top executives paid a visit to the bank as they stressed that the building remains intact and business as usual continues with a bit of extra fire power.

Thanking everyone, the bank said, “Thank you to everyone who helped put out the Diesel Tanker Fire. Thank you to everyone who said a quiet prayer. Thank you to everyone who wished us well. Thank you to our staff and customers who patiently waited in the safety area.”

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