MD, Eko Shortlets, Tobi Adegboyega
MD, Eko Shortlets, Tobi Adegboyega

Managing Director, Eko ShortLets, Tobi Misan Adegboyega, in an exclusive interview with and, disclosed that, the Covid-19 lockdown was a blessing in disguise.

Adegboyega revealed that while government short down hotels, Eko ShortLets and other ShortLets were making cool money because of some clients that needed a place to stay.

He noted that different people had to turn to ShortLet apartments to spend their time especially those that came into Lagos and got stranded due to the lockdown timing.

The MD stressed that he made more money during the Covid-19 lockdown as they had customers staying up to four months and paying daily.

“At Eko ShortLets, we did not even know there was covid-19 because it did not have any negative effect on us. Because of Covid-19, hotels were locked down but apartments were still running, so different people who couldn’t use hotels had to come into apartments so because of that, it has kind of open the market more and there are new people coming into the business and more competitions and all of that.

“So, Covid-19 did not affect shortlets at all, I can beat my chest to it, in fact, we made more money because we had some people who were in our apartment for the entire 3-4 months, so imagine someone paying you daily for three months, I mean, there was never a Covid-19 negative effect on Eko ShortLets,” Adegboyega stated.

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