The trending of COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world today, has left many with no choice but to collectively find means of combating it to a minimal level as a community Youth Leader in Nigeria, under Ajose CDC, Comrade Muyiwa Oyetunde, gives healthy tips in managing the spread of the disease.

Comrade Muyiwa, who happens to be an engineer, after conducting a community research in Ajose CDC, came out with the tips that can be beneficial to his community and Nigeria as a whole.

According to him, it might be a well-known tips, but there is need to constantly reemphasize on the need to keep oneself safe during this trying period.

“Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid touching eyes,nose and mouth. Follow good respiratory hygiene when sneezing and coughing(cover your mouth with arm not hand).Maintain at least one metre(3 feet) distance between yourself and others. Stay at home if you are sick. If it is not COMPULSORY that you must go out,please stay home and if you must go out wear your nose mask.

“This is not the best time to attend PHYSICAL COMMUNITY MEETING. None of them is essential more than your health!If you MUST attend any of the meeting ensure you observe social distance (at least one metre(3 feet)) distance between yourself and others,use your nose mask throughout the meeting, avoid handshaking and ensure that the convener of the meeting provides water&soap for hand washing and hand sanitizer. Always put on your nose mask in public places.(wherever you are not the only one present). Remember that two people are crowd. It is also beneficial for your general health to maintain a balanced diet. Stay well hydrated, exercise regularly and sleep well. Above all commit your ways in the hand of God prayerfully,” he added.

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