Actress, Doris Ogala
Actress, Doris Ogala

During this challenging period of the global COVID-19 pandemic, its not all about who has it all but ability to be there for a fellow brother who is in need of help and support and for Nollywood actress, Doris Ogala, such gestures brings smiles to many hearts.

The actress does not have much but the little she has, she recently decided to share with her neighbours as she went shopping for everyone no matter how small it is.

As the lockdown continues to affect and weigh many, the actress beliefs that when many have food to eat, it helps keep everyone safe away from contacting the virus and as such, she shared some food stuffs around.

“Ok today I decided to give some of my neighbours small food items. those that could not afford to get food at this time that we are facing this terrible pandemic. God will see us through,” she shared.

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