Manufacturers of popular drinks, ‘Babyoku,’ ‘Odumba,’ ‘Small Body Big Engine,’ ‘Oshaprapra,’ and ‘Dorobucci,’ Chuby-Zion industries, has given Nigerian drink consumers another opportunity to smile as they recently unveiled a new brand, ‘Ghanaah Native Gin.’

Blended with the finest quality mixtures, ‘Ghanaah Native Gin,’ can be best enjoyed when sitting in the company of friends, savouring its rich taste with peppered cow skin (kponmo), Goat meat, Pepper Soup or while relaxing in a serene environment.

The CEO of the company, Chibuike Zion Peters, while unveiling the drink at the company’s factory, stressed that he believes that no matter how one stresses himself, there is always need for good relaxation and with a glass of ‘Ghanaah Native Gin,’ the evening is made cool.

He warned that no matter how sweet or tasteful an alcoholic drink is, people should not drink and drive neither should it be consumed in excess to avoid health issues.

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