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Gtex Homes

It’s was an amazing day to witness the ground breaking event for a Real Estate Brand like GtextHomes, who have been in the Real Estate market for years; making meaningful impact in our communities, states, nation, and the global market.

We are a trusted brand that gives value for every penny spent and we have assured our clients over the years, that their investments in LAND is the best move ever made, and it is safe and secured with us.

According to the company, “70% of the earth is covered with water, and 30% has been left for humans to share equally, but it seems we really do not care about this land, WHICH IS OUR FUTURE, and we have left the land for water to cover it up.

“Now, it’s a new dawn! People now love lands that have been taken from us by water, and Dubai is the king of that.”
Nigeria has the most expensive land in the world and Gtext Homes owns the most beautiful, attractive and affordable real estate investments that can meet all levels of need at the best locations with projected bright future in those axes. We say land is the future and we also say land investment is the realest investment of all times.

“This August, 11th & 12th, 2018, we will be allocated lands to honorable clients who have taken good steps to secure a better and guaranteed future that will last a lifetime. We will be having a proper ceremony, celebrating our beloved clients (for taking bold steps, against all odds, to secure a better future for themselves), with Our Brand Ambassadors, the screen goddess and Nollywood star actress, Mercy Aigbe and Laura Ikeji,” the company added.

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