Popular Instagram Influencer Amarachi Chukwudi has responded to allegations of her involvement in the SU Global Investment saga. The influencer, who goes by the nickname ‘Amacutiex’, took to her Instagram account to fully apologize, take responsibility for leading people to invest in the company, and give full disclosure on her involvement with SU Global.

The issue began sometime around March 2021, when investors began complaining of late payments. They had invested in a Forex trading company called SU Global, owned and run by a certain Samuel Uko, and Amarachi had been the face of the brand.

The matter got very messy as investors lost money to three billion naira, and Amarachi and Samuel were backlisted as scammers. Since then, it had been quiet from Samuel and Amarachi. But a few weeks back, Amarachi came out to share her experience and clear the air on the allegations.

She was a freelance marketer and had no direct involvement with the company’s fund. She majorly served as the first link between investors and the company, and she helped investors in filling out forms and confirming investors’ payments with the accountant.

Amarachi, in her full disclosure article, also talked about the emotional relationship she and Uko Samuel shared. She made clear that she and Samuel never tied the knot. They only had an Introduction ceremony which didn’t lead to marriage, as the relationship was called off. She said, “we only had an introduction, and that was it. The photos from the introduction got to the internet and were spread around, making it look like we were married.”

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She has since gone on to apologize to investors who lost money and denounced her relationship with Samuel Uko, whom she implied used her as a pawn in his game. She also put-up Samuel’s new Instagram page so Investors can follow up for information on refunds.

Her full explanation can be read here –