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African Alliance

When it comes to insurance in Nigeria then one will not be mistaken to pick African Alliance PLC (AA), has they have been able to build a strong brand over the years.

The insurance company formerly known as African Alliance Limited, which is now 58 years of existence has been able to boast of supporting Nigerians who have been able to key into its policies and are still reaping the dividend.

African Alliance has its operating network of 18 branch offices managed by a competent and passionate team as they offer a creative combination of protection (term Assurance and Group Life), savings and investments products.

The company as part of its efforts towards its rebranding process, rewarded some customers during the African Alliance @58 entrepreneur giveaway.

African Alliance believes that keying into the ideas of young entrepreneurs will help them achieve the business plan and also help the company to monitor and assist their business in growing to that desired standard.

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