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Nollywood actress, Mercy Mac Joe

Nollywood actress, Mercy Mac Joe, has been doing well for herself in the industry that she currently took a break to give herself a nice treat.

The actress is currently enjoying her vacation in the US but there is something that has been bothering her which is marriage.

Mercy has developed strong fear about marriage considering the high level of failed marriages that has been happening and she could not hide as she openly asked her fans if they have the same fear she has.

She stressed that she is scared of getting married and making mistakes that could ruin her Life if she makes the wrong choice of a man.

In her words, “Someone posted this, I read a lot of interesting honest comments and some have same fears as me. Are you scared? Why? I need courage too, scared of making one mistake that could ruined my Life if i choose the wrong man. Yet again no be do or die.”

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