Nollywood actress, Fadekemi Momoh
Nollywood actress, Fadekemi Momoh

The Nigerian movie industry has really got some great talents who are doing well and also trying to change the narratives in the industry and one of such persons is Canada based actress and producer, Fadekemi Momoh, who produced the movie ‘Thin Line’.

Fadekemi might have been busy trying to sort things out but she never left the industry and as God will have it, she recently survived a ghastly motor accident and not allowing that slow her down, she is already in the Toronto film school, with the hope of adding some form of flavour in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with, the actress shared a brief journey on things she has been up to and plans for the industry.

Read excerpts below;

What really Kept you away from the Nollywood industry this long?

Have been moving around a lot, from South Africa to Canada then to United State then I moved to Canada, so settling in all this country takes time and that has kept me away from the screen. I moved to Canada, oh well, I have been trying and God has been on my side

After the premier of your last movie ‘Thin Line,’ in Nigeria in 2015, you left Nigeria, what prompted your decision?

Movie premiere of “Thin Line” Actually I relocated to the US. There is a personal problem I will not like to discuss here which made me leave Nigeria

Thanking God for your life and quick recovery with your kids, you were recently involved in an accident, tell us what really happened?

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Oh Yes it was God o , we were returning  home from the mall and this car came from nowhere at an intersection and hit us , the police and paramedics came and took us to the hospital because I already had a swollen chest and my daughters were in shock , the older one had shoulder injury but the baby was ok , we are still going for physiotherapy till date and that has not allowed me work since March 11th the accident happened.

You recently got enrolled at the Toronto Film School, what motivated your decision?

Yes, I enrolled in Toronto film school because firstly I need to further more in my line of career and since am not able to go back to work yet I thought that would be a great idea

Upon completion of your studies there, will you be doing home videos or you will move to doing cinema movies?

Yes, the aim is to do movies in more quality way.

You hinted us about joining Actress, Lola Alao’s founded group ‘Nollywood Ark’ where you are the Vice President, what is the aim and objective of the group?

The aim and objective of Nollywood ark Canada is to bring together thespians and aspiring filmmakers to build a strong industry here in Canada, this association will be conducting rehearsals and workshops to enlighten people who are just starting their career in acting. Although it is not only going to be actors only, we welcome crew members as well.

Do you think the group will be able to withstand the pressure and competition in the Yoruba industry?

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The group is founded by one of our veteran actor, Lola Alao and she is the type that is accommodating and approach everyone with love and any association that is based on Love will always prevail. So yes, I believe Nollywood Ark is going to go places.

During our pre-discussion, you stated that you plan on shooting a feature movie, do you mind hinting us on what the movie is about?

Yes, am on the planning of shooting not only feature movie but also 3 short movies. The feature will have the likes of Lola Alao, Olaitan Sugar, Nosa Obaseki, Fadekemi Momoh, Oluwafemi Ayeyemi, Olamisharp, Ireoluwa Roberts, let’s not talk about what the story is about, will let u guys know soon.

 So, tell us what other projects have you been working on and major plans on staging a good come back to the industry?

Have been working on all this scripts since the beginning of this year and am at the stage of planning and putting together the crew members.

How do you think producers and actors can rebuild the industry during this covid-19 era?

Hmmmmm I don’t think there is much to do now because everything was put on hold and the economy is just coming back to how it was. Yea nothing much can be done right now

Since you are now based in Canada, what kind of movies will you be doing, Yoruba, English or foreign movies?

I will be doing more of English and I also joined a movie gild called B.A.G (Black Actors Guild) we are into foreign movies, so yea I will be involved with all that

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