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For those of us that still have mothers, it is good we celebrate them each day and time and not just doing a day of celebration.

Recently, popular Yoruba actress, Ayo Adesanya, took out time to appreciate the only woman who happens to understand her and able to share with her pains without blackmailing her and shaming her to the world.

The actress mother turned a year older recently and it was a day of joy considering how they have grown together in tears and in good times.

“You sat and watched my infant head …you prayed and laboured so I can turn out great …you love me unconditionally …happy birthday to my one and only true confidant …I love you too much mummy …May the rest of your years be the best …iya Ayo as you are fondly called …you will continue to eat the fruit of your labour ….e o ni sukun Lori awon omo yin …ayo idunu Oluwa yio ma je tiyin…Amin,” she wrote.

Sometimes we don’t know the value of what we have until we loss them, so let us try at ensuring we appreciate every caring person around us no matter how little we have.

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