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Nollywood producer, Ikenna Best

Versatile Nollywood producer, Ikenna Best having studied the way some homes are being broken today and the high rate of body enhancement by some couples has been forced to speak out.

Ikenna disclosed that some relationships are being destroyed today due to women lacking self belief in themselves as they want to be like the next person.

He did not spare the men whom he said make attempts of taking s3x pills all in the name of lasting long in bed forgetting that these same pills have side effects on their body as they get older.

According to him, “Dear ladies, Dear men. Today, the world’s condition has really deteriorated to that level where relationship are being destroyed trying to protect it. Women feel that their bodies needs a panel beater and this makes them feel inadequate and off they go to get butt lift, breast lift, eyes lift and color, Virginia blaster and gum!

“Men on the other hand who normally last 5,10-15 mins in bed are planning to destroy another man’s daughters life by taking different pills daily in the name of dick enlargement and to last long in bed!Why are these things happening?

“Because social media and Nowadays sex therapist has confused the minds of many all because they want to make more money. They made all men believed that if you don’t last up to 1hr in bed, then you will lose your woman, they make women see any man that can’t stay more than 1hr as Less a Man. like a cankerworm, this issue has destroyed so many relationship and marriages not just in Nigeria but all over the world. Sadly, most of this relationship are TRUE relationships that if pampered would have last forever!

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“BAD FRIENDS always want you to tell them about your sex life with your partner and make you feel like he is not man enough, that you are missing a lot outside and cunningly lure u to starting thinking or exploring outside to confirm and this automatically destroys your God giving TRUE relationships that would have lasted forever if PAMPERED.

“Let me tell you the truth, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. SEX is a game of the mind. Your mindset determines how long you will stay in a sex. Sex is a serious work and you most put all your mind and focus in it to get the best out of it.

“Your mood during sex determines how long you would stay on it and because you stayed shorter today doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, you can stay longer tomorrow depending on your mindset and M O O D 90% of this “man-power” drugs you take today will affect you tomorrow and your cock won’t even stand again. It destroys the veins gradually till they are completely Dead.

“Dear ladies, you are perfectly beautiful just the way God made you. Daily exercise and moderating your intake is All you need to look smart for your dream man.. BE wise!”

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